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This is a well-organized collection of character save (.svb) files containing ALL vanilla Torchlight 2 items. This collection was compiled by undertaker79.

Download Current Version: 2.0

Version: 2.0
DOWNLOAD: Mules.7z (3.16 MB)
MD5: a27e6b64602418649f043d70fd0f1d22
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Quick Summary of Which Mules Hold Which Items

  1. Spell Mules:
    1. SpellMule1: All rank 1-3 spells and most single rank spells
    2. SpellMule2: All rank 4-6 spells, web and repel spells.
  2. GemMule:
    Uses GEMBOX mod as it shows both weapon and armor stats and has 5 sockets. Each GEMBOX holds 5 gems of the same type to make it easier to use.
    1. GemMule1: Has all skulls and eyes up to level 41 (didn't include embers). Also he holds all giant fish even largemouth bass and bonefish although they can't be acquired normally.
    2. GemMule2: Has all skulls and eyes from level 41 to 100 (including some chaos embers that have better stats than skulls and eyes)
  3. Class specific mules:
    Each mule only holds items specific to its class. (The order of stuff is consistent so I will just use ZerkMule as example.)
    1. ZerkMule1: Belts, Chests, Shoulders, Gloves, and Helms.
    2. ZerkMule2: Pants, Boots, all item set + item set that to be complete needs you to belong to that class, for example:
      • Xtro's set
      • Bloodbath set
      • (I decided to put "The Grand Design" item set on EngMule2 instead as this is a set that u can never completely wear anyhow.)
    3. ZerkMule3: All Amulets + 2 copies of All rings. I included Alchemist's rings also although they can't be acquired through normal means.
  4. Uniques Mules: Holds all non-class specific rares and uniques
    1. UniqueMule1: All Belts, Chests, and Shoulders.
    2. UniqueMule2: All Gloves, Pants, and Boots.
    3. UniqueMule3: All Helms and non-class specific unique item sets:
      • Argonaut
      • Necro
      • Incubus
      • Obscure Tools
      • Celestial
      • Asphyx
      • Bullet Fist (Claws and Pistols)
      • Bolts and Nuts
      • Magma Fused-Iron
    4. UniqueMule4: All Amulets
    5. UniqueMule5: All Rings
    6. UniqueMule6: A clone of UniqueMule5 so you have 2 copies of all rings
  5. Rare Mules: Holds all rare and magic item sets:
    1. RareMule1:
      • Ghastly
      • Outlaw
      • Grundig's Bastion
      • Falcon
      • Twisted Tools
      • Blood Leather
      • Twinferno
      • Two stroke
      • Ole's Tools
      • RuneMaster (with all possible variation of Grell's Helm)
      • Clovenhoof
      • Regent
    2. RareMule2:
      • Estheria
      • Badlands
      • Erzohir
      • Zeraphi Alchemy
  6. Pet Mules: Holds all unique collars and studs
    1. PetMule1:
      • 2 copies of all studs
      • Bitterbite
      • Bloodsucker
      • Chokehold
      • Cold Comfort
    2. PetMule2:
      • Epic Collar
      • Lifeleech
      • The Flammenbund
      • The Funken Collar
      • The Hakken Choker
      • The Iron Grip
  7. Weapon Mules: Holds all legendary, unique and rare weapons + shields
    1. WepMule1: 1 hand Axes and Claws
    2. WepMule2: Clone of WepMule1
    3. WepMule3: 1 hand Swords and 1 hand maces
    4. WepMule4: Clone of WepMule3
    5. WepMule5: Pistols and Wands
    6. WepMule6: Clone of WepMule5
    7. WepMule7: Greatswords and Greathammers
    8. WepMule8: Shotgonnes and Polearms
    9. WepMule9: Crossbows and Cannons
    10. WepMule10: Staves and Bows
    11. WepMule11: Greataxes and Shields
  8. BoonMule: Holds Boon scrolls in his inventory and pet inventory

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