Eternity is a comprehensive gameplay mod for Torchlight 2.

The fundamental idea behind Eternity is to examine the elements of Diablo II that gave it such great replayability, and to implement those elements into Torchlight 2. Many of us played Diablo II for an eternity; this mod aims to give Torchlight 2 the same longevity.

Presently, Eternity is a work in progress. It will not be ready for a playable release for several months. Progress updates will be posted to this page from time to time.


Mod Philosophy:

I. Minimalism

Eternity is intended to render "Torchlight 2 as it ought to be," rather than an entirely new experience. Changes and additions are made as seamlessly as possible. Nothing should feel "shoehorned," or "tacked on," or make the player think, "That's cool, but what is it doing in Torchlight?" In other words, Eternity is not a "total conversion" mod like Synergies.

II. Phases

This project will probably never see the light of day without some interim releases to build momentum. Therefore, it's going to be conducted in phases, with a release planned as each phase is completed. The phases are:

  1. Phase 1: Game Balancing. Deal with all of the non-content issues. Work on this phase is currently in progress.
  2. Phase 2: Compatibility with Unearthed Arcana. This was not originally planned, but Unearthed Arcana has turned out to be such a great mod, and so well in tune with Eternity's not-a-total-conversion philosophy, that I really want to have compatibility with it.
  3. Phase 3: New content. A major new area is planned. The area will be nether-themed and designed after the model of Guild Wars 1's "elite areas" -- that is long, high risk, high reward, and intended to be challenging for the game's best players. A second zone is planned as well, but I'm not going to say anything about it at this time.
  4. Phase 4: New classes. TBA
III. Phase 1 Details

Latest Progress Update:
3/9/2015 - Lots of work on enchanters, full skill and stat respec at respec NPCs, Berserker skill balance changes ARE DONE!
2/12/2015 - Lots of changes, most notably, implementation of draw distance done right and numerous berserker skill changes.
3/11/2014 - Dinking with spell scrolls to fix a problem mostly of my own making, plus a few odds and ends.
3/9/2014 - A few more skills done. Completely re-did weapon block and block recovery.
11/10/2013 - Wrote changelog for webpage. Changes not marked with [TODO] are already done.

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