1. Eviscerate
    • Maims foes (move speed -66%, attack speed -66%, cast speed -66%, damage -33%) starting with first tier bonus.
    • Maim effect lasts 2 seconds at tier 1, 3 seconds at tier2, 4 seconds at tier 3.
    • Now applies life/mana steal effects.
    • (Rationale: This skill got a defensive aspect (maim) added to it because it's too similar to Ravage to ever not be second-best as a purely offensive skill. This is a common problem for a lot of Berserker skills.)
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  2. Howl
    No change.
  3. Raze
    • Generates 25% or normal charge at tier 1, 50% at tier 2, 100% at tier 3.
    • Now applies life/mana steal effects.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • (Note: The 2-sec damage buff for hitting with this skill is very strong, and all too often overlooked. It stacks, and the skill is fast enough to consistently maintain three times the listed bonus.)
    • (Note: Whoever said it was possible to hit more than one target with this skill via shift-click was wrong.)
  4. Wolfstrike
    • Increased cost slightly
    • Removed knockback
    • Hits twice at tier1, trice at tier3
    • Armor shred at tier2
    • Now builds charge
    • Removed damage type conversion to physical
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  5. Battle Rage
    • Totally redesigned skill because vanilla version is buggy
    • Lasts 12 seconds (recharge 30 seconds), and renews itself when you make a critical hit.
    • Duration increased with tier bonuses.
    • All damage reduce at tier 1.
    • Faster charge gain at tier 2.
    • Increases crit damage at tier 3
  6. Rupture
    • Initial hit now deals moderate WDPS.
    • Initial hit applies life/mana steal.
    • Added moderate WDPS to explosion, but halved flat damage.
    • Explosion does not apply life/mana steal, but does trigger strike effects.
    • If foe has an explosion pending, damage from initial strike is tripled. (Retained vanilla behavior that you cannot queue more than one explosion per foe.)
    • Now builds charge. Explosion builds half charge.
    • Changed skill text to try to make this skill make some semblance of sense.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  7. Ravage
    • Now applies life/mana steal effects.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  8. Blood Hunger
    No change
  9. Executioner
    • Each time you successfully execute, you weapon block (dual wield version) the next hit you take. (This is in addition to the 2 sec. charge bonus.) See notes "weapon block" for more details.
  10. Rampage
    • Every kill triggers a new rampage, or renews the current duration
    • Bonuses are much smaller, but they STACK with every kill while the rampage is active (up to a limit of 30% attack/cast speed and 15% move speed).
  11. Frost Breath
    • Increased-damage-taken status effect is now 50% stronger, but only applies to ice damage. (Rationale: differentiate from Howl; prevent stacking.)
    • Bugfix: Now all ranks build charge instead of just rank 15
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  12. Stormclaw
    • Increased mana cost.
    • Reduced recharge to 2 seconds.
    • Added one-off AoE effect when cast: WDPS damage and 100% chance to shock for 6 seconds, 3.5 meter radius. (Rationale: Give player a reason to think about whether to cast this skill more often than once per 40 seconds.)
    • One-off hit builds charge.
    • Added 10% chance to cast lightning on melee skill strikes. Increases to 15%, 20%, 25% with tier bonuses. (Rationale: No one ever used this skill because it was mutually exclusive with all attack skills.)
    • The chain lightning uses WDMG if triggered via auto-attack, and WDPS if triggered via skill attack.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  13. Storm Hatchet
    • Added piercing starting at tier 1.
    • Applies life/mana steal at tier 3.
    • Bugfix: level 15 charge gain corrected (displayed 19 and did 95; should be 9.5)
    • Bugfix: fixed soakscale for ranks 1-5
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  14. Northern Rage
    • Bugfix: Fixed code typo; WDPS damage is now converted to ice damage.
    • Bugfix: Fixed code typo; Monster armor scaling vis-a-vis WDPS damage now matches WDPS percentage. (Was applying 30% armor to 20% WDPS.)
    • Bugfix: Removed hidden affixes, merged with visible affixes.
      • Merged hidden ice damage with visible ice damage. Skill description is now correct. Also, monster armor now only applies once vis-a-vis the flat ice damage.
      • Removed hidden extra chance to freeze for 3 sec.
      • Removed hidden extra chance to shatter shields.
      • Merged knockback into main affix. (Miniscule performance improvement.)
    • Made WDPS and knockback scale (slightly) with skill rank.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Now builds 50% of normal charge (instead of none)
    • Now triggers on-hit effects
    • Improved skill description.
  15. Ice Shield
    • Bugfix: corrected text to 5% charge (it's always been 5%; the vanilla text is just wrong)
    • Doubled duration
    • Reduced reflect chance
    • Added short-duration 100% chance to reflect when the skill is cast. (gets longer with tier bonuses)
    • Increased mana cost by 50%
  16. Permafrost
    • Smoothed out damage increases per rank. Total damage now increases linearly while duration falls (like Eviscerate). Damage is now roughly 25% higher by rank 15.
  17. Glacial Shatter
    • Bugfix: Changed soakscale on fire damage to match soakscale on ice damage.
    • Added comment to skill description - ignores 60% of target's armor. (It always did this, tooltip just didn't say so. Makes sense because it's multiple small hits instead of one big one.)
    • Added burning unit theme for fire damage.
    • Now builds 50% of normal charge (instead of none)
      (Only the ice damage builds charge. The fire damage is DoT, and therefore cannot build charge.)
  18. Cold Steel Mastery
    No change
  19. Shatter Storm
    • Added small ice damage. (Potential for chain reaction against weak foes.)
  20. Rage Retaliation
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Bugfix: Now only goes on recharge if you actually hit something. (Does not go on recharge if proc fails because target was hit during the previous second.)
    • Partial bugfix: No longer fails to hit a foe if another player hit it with Rage Retaliation during the past second. (Note: There is a 1 in 100,000 chance two players will make the same random roll for ID flag and the bugfix will not work for those two players during that particular game. Problem will be fixed next game.) Introduced a less serious bug in the course of fixing first bug: You can hit the same foe with Rage Retaliation more than once per second if another player hits them with Rage Retaliation in between. (It's not possible to fix this any better. I'm butting up against an engine limitation -- there is no way to do "local-only" stats. This is the least-bad implemention I can come up with.)
  21. Shadow Burst
    • Now triggers on-hit effects
    • Now applies life/mana steal effects.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Now builds charge
    • Bugfix: Now actually does what the skill description says it does about healing X% per foe hit, foe up to Y foes.
    • (Modder's info note: MAX_UNITS_HIT inside an EVENT_UNITHIT is just buggy as heck. It may hit the same unit more than once, and then not hit others because it reached its quota. Never use this. When found, replace with stat-based logic.)
  22. Wolf Shade
    • Inherits the following from its owner at the time it is created:
      • 25% player strength as bonus to all damage
      • 20% player focus as bonus to elemental damage
      • 50% player physical, fire, ice, electric, and poison damage bonuses as respective damage bonuses
    • Damage is now 70% ice, 30% physical
    • Damage bonus is now 10% per level (was 5%, with no bonus between 1 and 2)
    • Critical chance now improves 2.5% per level. (removed base 10% chance)
    • Critical damage bonus now improves 6% per level. (on top of base 50%)
    • Duration improved to 30sec @ tier0, 45sec @ tier1, 60sec @ tier2, 90sec @ tier3
  23. Shadow Bind
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Now uses WDMG if triggered via auto-attack, and WDPS if triggered via skill attack.
    • Changed description to reflect what the skill actually does.
    • Partial bugfix: Now only triggers on any given monster if you (rather than another player) cast Shadowbind on it. (Previously, if PlayerA cast Shadowbind on MonsterX and PlayerB cast Shadowbind on MonsterY, and then PlayerA hit MonsterZ, PlayerA's Shadowbind would proc on both MonsterX and MonsterY.) As a side-effect of this fix, casting Shadowbind on a monster that another player already cast Shadowbind on will cancel out the first player's copy of Shadowbind with respect to that monster. (My preferred solution would be to have multiple copies of Shadowbind co-exist on the same monster, but that's not possible.)
    • (Modder's info note: Proc effects demonstrate really inconsistent behavior. Sometimes CAST SKILL ON... FROM TARGET treats the player as "self," and sometimes it treats the monster as "self." (The latter behavior totally breaks stat logic since it leaves you with no handle to reference the player.) Sometimes CAST SKILL ON MELEE SKILL STRIKE will simply refuse to proc, but the otherwise exact same code will proc (on auto-attacks) if you change it to CAST SKILL ON MELEE STRIKE. I've got no idea why this is happening. For now, my best advice is to never assume that a proc is actually working and test everything really thoroughly with the combatlog.)
  24. Savage Rush
    • Slowed damage rate from one hit every 0.2 sec to one hit every 0.4 sec. (Should hit a monster only once if you just dash past. Multiple hits only if you turn, double back, etc.)
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
    • Now builds charge
  25. Chain Snare
    • Now builds charge -- specifically 125% of normal, increases to 150/175/200% with tier bonuses.
      (Rationale: Make this skill more than a one-point wonder by making high ranks appealing for their charge-building possibilties. Ideally, you could pull everything into melee range while topping off the charge bar so that your next skill (Ravage?) comes out as a crit.)
    • Now applies life/mana steal effects.
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  26. Battle Standard
    • Now also gives a bonus to block recovery and weapon block.
    • Now gives a bonus to critical hit damage starting at tier 1.
      (Note: This is a deceptively strong skill buff. Recall that crit damage is once of the few multiplicative bonuses. It also synergizes particularly well with the charge gain bonus, which in turn synergizes well with the fact that almost every attack skill now gains at least some charge. (And Storm Hatchet and Chain Snare in particular.))
    • Now permits two summons at once starting at tier 2.
    • Technical note: Slowed aura recast rate from once every 0.5 sec to once every 1 sec. This should reduce by half the load that was slowing down some weaker PCs. The cost of doing this is that the maximum possible delay in getting the aura bonus when walking into the aura zone is increased to just under 1 sec.
    • Technical note: Gaining or losing the block recovery and weapon block bonuses forces a reset of all passive skills (the same as pressing 'W' to swap weapons), which causes load. This should be acceptable because players are not likely to rapidly gain, lose, and regain the aura bonuses under normal play conditions. Still, I want to monitor it. So please let me know if you experience more lag than before from this skill.
  27. Wolf Pack
    • Shifted scale so rank 1 does 5% WDPS instead of 0%.
    • Removed damage type conversion to physical
    • Now builds 10% of normal charge (instead of none)
      (Rationale: Enough that the charge bar is no longer irrelevant to Wolfpack builds, but little enough to make you think about using another skill to fill the bar faster.)
    • Now attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.
  28. Frenzy Mastery
    no change
  29. Shred Armor
    • Dramatically reduced size of armor bonus, but increased duration to 5 and changed type to "all."
      (Rationale: Now that armor gives DR, the player can't be allowed to gain thousands of armor through one skill. The type change to "all" is meant to make it tempting to use this skill in place of a Limoany or two. The duration buff shold make it easier to keep a consistent armor buff going.)
    • Bugfix: Now really only triggers on melee hits. (Was triggering off pistol/wand hits if you had a melee weapon in the other hand.)
    • Bugfix: The -armor debuff is no longer applied on skills with "NOSTRIKEEFFECTS:0"
      (As much as I liked using Wolfpack+Shadowbind+Shred Armor to instantly remove all armor from an entire pack of monsters, it was a bit overpowered...)
    • (Modder's info note: More oddities with CAST SKILL ON MELEE STRIKE here. This is triggering on skill hits without a corresponding CAST SKILL ON MELEE SKILL STRIKE anywhere. Untested hypothesis: The damage type set to "all" is causing it???)
  30. Red Wolf
    • Now centers around the monster that got hit with the critical hit rather than the player.
    • Now does a small amount of WDPS in addition to flat damage. (Attacks with both weapons if dual wielding.)
    • (Red Wolf cannot trigger itself. Although that would be cool, it could potentially crash the game (potential infinite loop).)
    • Removed hidden 0.5 sec cooldown. (However, it still may not trigger twice on two nearly simultaneous crits due to the jimmy-rigging necessary to keep it from self-triggering.)
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