StashNinja is an unofficial, fan-made stash editor for Torchlight 2.

Main Features:

  • Move or copy items between your in-game shared stash and an INFINITE external stash .
  • Move or copy items between hardcore and softcore in-game stashes via the inifinite stash.
  • Add sockets to items.
  • Remove the "CHEATED ITEM" flag from items.
  • Delete unwanted items.
  • Sort/filter infinite stash by item type, item family (such as one-handed weapons), item level, item rarity, and/or alphabetical order -- or search by item name!
  • Support for modded items.
Features Planned for Future Versions (Not Currently Available):
  • Downloadable item packs to add collections of popular items directly to your infinite stash.
  • Trade wizard to execute remote item trading with other players via e-mail or fan forums.
  • Disenchant items.
  • Enchant items.
  • Edit items.


For detailed usage information, please refer to the complete help file online.

Download Current Version: 0.51beta
The current version is compatible with .svb save files from TL2 patches 1.22.x.40 through 1.23.x.5. It will remain compatible for all future versions retaining .svb version number 0x44, and quite possibly beyond that.

This is a BETA version. There will be bugs.

Please check the help file for information about compatibility with mods.

Version: 0.51beta
DOWNLOAD: StashNinjaV051beta.7z (2.95 MB)
MD5: 77df84e82d105e336ccb91bd8e8ee603
Get 7-Zip: LINK Get MD5Summer: LINK

Change Log:

  • Version 0.51beta
    • Support for Torchlight 2 major patch version 1.22.x.40 including:
      • Supports new version 0x44 stash files.
      • Supports all the new items.
      • UI changes to support stashes located in both "save\" and "modsave\" locations.
      • Automatically upgrade the old items already in your infinite stash to the new 0x44 file type.
      • Modding support switched over to use .DAT files produced by GUTS rather than .DAT.txt files produced by dat2txt.
    • Improvements:
      • Added new "memoize DAT files" option (enabled by default) that makes the program run much faster, but uses more memory. Most users will prefer this option enabled.
      • Added support for some increased-stash-size stash mods. See help file for details.
      • Added detection to display flat +dmg mods on weapons.
      • Added detection and correction for incorrectly encoded apostrophes in some item and set names.
      • Added program status monitor.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Fixed compatibility for European locale settings that think "comma" means "decimal point."
      • Removed annoying debug popup when adding new modded item types.
      • Fixed bug with level detection for items that have multiple versions for multiple levels.
      • Fixed bug that sometimes caused items to appear with additional, incorrect base damage or stats.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the polearm filter not to work.
  • Version 0.5beta: First beta release.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to LordNightmare for figuring out the descrambling algorithm, and to Shatter for the checksum alogrithm!

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