TL2 Tag Fixer

This program is intended for fixing bad unpacks of Torchlight 2 mods due to the "Found group/property name with a hashcode (XXXXXXX) that has no match in tags.dat" error in GUTS.

Sometimes these errors can be safely ignored (e.g., legacy tags from TL1 that the TL2 engine ignores), and sometimes they can't (e.g., tags for skill levels above 16). And often it's hard to tell quickly if something was broken by ignoring the error or not.

If your unpack log shows errors like:

  • Found property name with a hashcode (477030267) that has no match in tags.dat: MEDIA/LAYOUTS/CRYPT/RULES.TEMPLATE, or
  • Found group name with a hashcode (1403211796) that has no match in tags.dat: MEDIA/FEATURETAGS.HIE
this program may be able to fix the unpack.

See the help file included in the download for full usage instructions.

Download Current Version: 1.0

Version: 1.0
DOWNLOAD: TL2TagFixer_v1_0.7z (5.08 MB)
MD5: 4967fcaf6c7f4241ac78425d704b4a9d
Get 7-Zip: LINK Get MD5Summer: LINK

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to cienislaw, Jarcho, and Deezire!

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